The Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party History

We believe that our party truly emphasizes the traditional American values outlined in the US Constitution. We believe that every person born on this earth is endowed with inalienable rights regardless of race, religion, or orientation. These inalienable rights transcend the government, as the government should only exist with the consent of the people as a necessity. We believe that the government exists to serve the people with only the essential functions, primarily, protecting the rights of the people. We believe in true individualism in all aspects. We also believe that the US government as it exists today has become a bureaucratic leviathan that obstructs the process which is necessary to facilitate our success as a country.  

Our Chapter

We are a developing chapter advocating rational government reform on a local level. In recent years, we have suffered small but measurable infringements on our rights to self defense and freedom of speech. We pledge to combat these infringements by providing support to our party affiliates and producing candidates who aim to reduce government overreach.


The Libertarian Party of Lamoille County endorses the platforms established by both the state and national party organizations. Please use the links below to explore each platform.